Examples Of Scalp Problems

Scalp problems can be embarrassing because they can produce itchy flaky skin, hair loss, and dandruff. In most cases, these issues can be either cured or controlled by using the correct type of medicine. But rarely, scalp problems can be a symptom of illness or caused by a treatment for an illness you already have. Before you can begin to ease the symptoms, you will have to find out what is causing the problem. There are many different causes for this condition and they all have specific symptoms.


Perhaps the most common problem relating to the scalp is baldness. This happens to both men and women, but it is seen more in men because of the extent of the hair loss.

Men seem to go completely bald, while women experience a thinning of the hair. This can naturally happen as a result of aging, but occasionally, this happens to men in their early 20’s and 30’s. Male pattern baldness is usually hereditary.


Scalp problems can also be related to other conditions like dandruff. This is when there is increased skin shedding on the scalp and it can be seen in the hair and on clothing.

It is mainly linked to skin conditions that cause excessive skin shedding like psoriasis or eczema, but it can be caused by other things, like allergic reactions or seasonal skin dryness.

A fungal infection can also cause dandruff, but most of these things can be easily treated or controlled by using medicated shampoos to ease the symptoms.

Cradle Cap

A common skin condition that is seen in babies is called cradle cap. It appears like a rash, but it is yellow in color and a dry crusty substance is seen on the head area.

Cradle cap is not harmful or an indication of any illness and it too can be eased by medication. It eventually disappears, as the baby hair is replaced by mature hair.

Self Induced Scalp Problems

Unfortunately, scalp problems can be self induced. This mainly happens to women because they use harsh chemicals and hot instruments on their hair. Dyes, permanents and even extra holding products can damage the hair and cause hair loss.

This occurs over a long period of time, when these processes are consistently repeated. Even heated rollers and certain types of hot irons can cause hair loss.

Scalp Problems Caused By Unhealthy Hair

Healthy hair also needs to be nourished from the inside out and if a woman isn’t getting the proper nutrition and vitamins, this too can cause scalp problems. There are specific vitamins that help the hair and when a person doesn’t get them, the result can be thinning, bland hair.

For example, a woman who has just lost a significant amount a weight can suffer with hair loss because she is no longer getting the nutrients she needs.

Head Lice

School aged children can come into contact with head lice and this can cause scalp problems. Lice are tiny insects that live on the hair shaft next to the scalp. Lice infestations usually occur when children pass them on to each other by swapping combs or brushes. These tiny creatures are difficult to control because they lay eggs in the scalp area and if they are not completely removed, a re-infestation will happen.

The symptoms of a lice infestation are an itchy scalp and dandruff. The lice themselves can clearly be seen on the scalp area. They are as big as sesame seeds and they are a white, brown or gray color. The eggs can be felt because they adhere to the hair shaft and they cannot be moved. There are treatments for the removal of lice, but you will also have to make sure to remove all of the eggs.



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